Leadership Workshops

We provide tactical tools in real-world sessions to enhance leaders’ ability to drive results.

Leaders are Made not Born

Our Leadership Workshops unlock the potential of your management team.

Whether taking on the role as Supervisor for the first time or leading from the C-suite, our tools and workshops help you communicate and function more confidently and competently.

Leaders need to:

Protect the Company

Support the Employees

Model the Behavior Desired in Others

 Our Approach is Individualized with Content that is Customized to Your Specific Needs


Leadership Workshop Success

What our clients are saying…


Culture, Productivity, and ROI

Ken H – EVP, Chief Sales Officer Acceptance Insurance

“Culture, Productivity, and ROI are three expectations through which I evaluate every program we implement. With the sales development tools, leadership training, and consulting services, E3 Performance Solutions scores on all three.”

Leadership Workshop Options

Leadership development options that empower

Seeing the World as a Manager

Learn different leadership styles you can utilize to get the best results. We teach you how to recognize common situations and adapt your approach as an effective leader.

Coaching, Feedback, Recognition, and Motivation

Continuously improve your team’s performance, using all four of these key principles. Learn the keys to each principal that drive employee success.

Executing for Desired Results

There are several habits of effective managers. In this workshop you learn to set goals, get more done in less time, delegate effectively, feel more relaxed, more focused and in control.

The Language of Coaching

Effective Coaching maintains and improves positive performance and redirects poor performance to DESIRED results. You learn how to coach. The model to follow and the language to use to build a strong team.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are key to business success. As a leader, you have the greatest impact on employee engagement and retention for those whom you directly supervise based on how you model the culture and support the team.

Leadership 2.0 A.C.T. as a Leader (Adapt, Change and Transform)

Three key steps to transformational success:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Take Action
  3. Keep What’s Working – Change What’s Not

Charismatic / Entrepreneurial Leadership

There is an art and science to leadership. This program focuses on “How” you do “What” you do; your mindset in getting others to follow you with enthusiasm.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In today’s world religion, politics, sexual orientation, nationality, and other key characteristics are no longer topics being avoided at work. How you manage these discussions can make or break working relationships and therefore the success of the company.

Clarifying and Communicating Expectations

The foundation of good employee performance is being able to clarify and communicate expectations. Learn the components of setting good expectations and how to ensure your expectations are understood.

Managing Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of the workplace and can strengthen relationships and teams if managed well. Learn the key actions to take in conflictual situations to defuse the emotions and turn them productive.

Communicating Your Ideas

An idea is only as good as the manager’s ability to communicate it. Learn how to turn good ideas into verbal and visual images and gain buy-in as you go.

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What You Can Expect at an E3 Performance Solutions Leadership Workshop

Whether in person or virtual, our workshops are highly energized and interactive. Learning doesn’t stick by being read to. Participants are expected to read aloud to the group and comment on key points as they learn and apply key principles for each topic.

Practice sessions and Reflective exercises are built into each session so participants can apply what they are learning, better equipping them to apply it on the job immediately upon their return to work.

Prework assignments prime the learners and Application exercises are assigned at the end of each session with the expectation and opportunity for them to share successes and challenges at the next session.

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