Elevate Everyone’s Expertise with E3 Sales Coaching

Maintaining high-performing teams is challenging…

because it’s not easy to do.

Managers are responsible for developing and regularly coaching their teams. Many don’t have the tools or knowledge they need to be highly effective. The process is inconsistent, feels overwhelming, and is therefore often neglected.

The result?


A lack of ongoing skill development leads to high turnover and missed sales.


Leaders waste time with ineffective, inefficient , and inconsistent meetings.

Your Top 20% are intrinsically motivated to perform; your Bottom 20% (non-performers) consume most of your time and attention; leaving the middle 60% not supported enough to reach their true potential.

What if developing your team was easy

with little to no preparation?


Our E3 Sales Coaching system powered by E3 Performance Solutions positions your employees to collaboratively impact the sales results of your organization.

How It Works



Get monthly access to an engaging, informal, leader’s guide focused on key sales skills.


Managers incorporate this easy-to-use 20-minute system in their monthly meetings to facilitate collaborative microlearning.


Team members receive monthly retention and implementation assessment to reinforce key behaviors.


Sales increase and the entire team’s performance improves by leveraging your leader’s skills and by engaging every team member.

We consistently improve performance by focusing on behavior modification, driving for a high level of execution by every person on the team.

The result?


Monthly touch-points with every team member lead to targeted coaching sessions that improve results and decrease turnover.


Informal micro-training that's easy to use saves managers time and keeps your leaders in the field.

Tactical skill development in a collaborative setting generates more sales.

E3 Sales Coaching

Elevate Everyone’s Expertise

Ongoing Program

12-month sales coaching program delivers a new skill training guide every month.

Collaborative Content

Leader guide promotes collaborative learning for better engagement and retention.


Skill Transfer Confirmed

Meeting engagement and follow-up survey metrics confirm skill transfer.


Each session focuses on the tactical behaviors teams need to be successful in driving revenue and improving customer experience. Here are a few examples:

Value Proposition

Asking the Right Questions



Handling Objections

Selling through Sales Resistance

Handling Difficult Customers

Needs-Based Selling

Identifying Your Target Customer

Call Reluctance

Elevate Everyone’s Expertise

with the E3 Sales Coaching system.

Schedule a call today to discover how your team can begin to use the E3 Sales Coaching system. You’ll review a free training module during your call.
During the call you’ll review the free training module you’ll use with your team.

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