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Asking Lifestyle Questions

To truly meet the needs of our customers, it’s important to fully understand their situation and hear their stories. Asking well-crafted questions is the key.

Building Value for Ancillary Products

Every sales professional faces price concerns. This program reviews skills that position the sales professional to increase the perceived value of their ancillary products rather than lower their price.

Handling Objections

Objections are part of most selling situations. This program presents a strategic approach to avoiding and handling as a strategic tool rather than a response to undesirable customer reactions.

Build Your Own Business

As a sales professional, in essence, you are in business for yourself without all of the overhead. Let’s explore how to maximize this unique opportunity.


The close doesn’t just occur at the end of the sales cycle. This program follows the steps necessary to make the close the natural, expected outcome of every presentation.

Metric Selling

Most experienced sales professionals know that sales is a numbers game. This program explores how to effectively track and evaluate sales activity.

Phone Sales

Why is it that some salespeople can effectively communicate on the phone while others struggle? Review several techniques to improve phone skills and deliver positive results.

Pivot During the Sale

When a prospect says ‘no,’ an enlightened sales professional uses these techniques to turn that ‘no’ into a selling opportunity.

Selling After the Sale

Prospects can become “customers for life”. This module looks at capitalizing on growing their business with you over time.

Making EACH Phone Call Count

Every time the phone rings it is potential money coming your way. This module explores how to make the most of every opportunity.

Power Prospecting Through Referred Leads

Explore specific techniques that enhance a sales professional’s ability to solicit referred leads.

The Relationship Contract

Gaining commitment from prospects and customers is what selling is all about. Gaining commitment is a process, not an end result. This contract becomes the basis of a profitable relationship for prospects and sales professionals alike.

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