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Negotiating a “Win-Win” Strategy

The front desk and reception area are not only responsible for meeting and greeting members, guests, and walk-ins, but they also play a critical role in keeping track of staff schedules and needs and in ensuring member satisfaction.

Selling in a Competitive Market

Even with no other properties in our immediate vicinity, customers could opt for other locations. Let’s focus on our strengths vs the competition.

Improving Productivity

Most experienced sales professionals know that driving sales is a numbers game. Learn to use evaluation tools to effectively track and evaluate sales activity.

Valuing Your Property

Every Account Manager faces price concerns. The challenge is to increase the perceived value of their property rather than lower their price.

Building Long Term Relationships

Repeat business is the lifeline for most successful Sales Reps. You need to plan for initiating and developing long-term relationships. Explore resources and strategies that can be used to maximize this principle.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are strengthened through a proven formula, Personalizing Customer Interactions + Avoiding Hot Buttons +Adding Unique Value all multiplied by Follow-through and Accountability. Learn to use this formula every day.

Pre-Planning Objection Resolution

Anticipating objections is the first step to overcoming them. Learn how to do that and the other four steps to resolving or eliminating customer objections.

Mastering the Basics of Business, Social & Sales Etiquette

It may have been a while since you thought about your handshake, personal space, grooming, or promptness, but these basics are the foundation for your sales success. Take a close look at how you perform.

Managing Business through the Sales Process

Constantly assessing where your sales are in the sales process helps you determine how and when to move them to the next step.

Planning for Sales Call Success

You need more than an ounce of preparation for sales success today. Learn the pre-call planning process that will change your definition of success.

Determining the Customer’s Buying Process

Learning to identify your customer’s buying process gives you valuable insight. You will examine common processes and learn to identify the one that matches your customer to better guide your next selling step.

Introducing Clients in a Positive Way

Even the most demanding clients or groups can provide profitable long-term relationships, but only if they receive top service and support. Learn to inspire other members of your team to provide excellent service to ALL clients.

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