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It’s Who’s Out Front That Counts

The front desk and reception area is not only responsible for meeting and greeting members, guests, and walk-ins, they also play a critical role in keeping track of staff schedules and needs and in ensuring member satisfaction.

Presenting Solutions

Beyond the basics, there are presentation skills that result in more effective communication and persuasion. Understanding these skills will exponentially increase the power of presentations, implementing a “Needs Analysis” tour.

Pre-Handling Objections

Objections are part of most selling situations. This program presents a strategic approach to avoiding them proactively, rather than as a response to undesirable customer reactions.

Your First Impression May Be Your Last

First impressions have a tremendous impact on the success rate of your facility or club. It affects new memberships, and it impacts your retention of existing members. This program offers tips and strategies.

The Art of Building Rapport

Building rapport is an art, but it is one that can be learned. This program explains simple to use, but often forgotten, ideas that help sales professionals build rapport.

Selling the Value of Your Club

Every sales professional faces price concerns. This program considers price from the perspective of value. It teaches skills that position the sales professional to increase the perceived value of their product rather than lower the price.

When Call Reluctance Comes Knocking

Every sales professional experiences call reluctance from time to time. This program looks at the different reasons for call reluctance and prescribes specific action steps.

The Sequential Close

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of closing throughout the sales process; isolating the three areas that must be confirmed and sold in order to close the sale.

Make It Happen

Successful salespeople make sales happen by creating an impending event. This program introduces unique ways of getting decisions today.

Crash and Burn

What goes wrong sometimes when closing a sale? This program highlights the main reasons potential sales are all too often walked right out the door.

Telephone Techniques That Work

Successful sales professionals know and use telephone techniques that work. This program offers several techniques to improve phone skills and deliver positive results.

The Art of Negotiation

Experienced sales professionals face opportunities to negotiate throughout the sales cycle. This program focuses on identifying opportunities to negotiate as well as specific skills that create “Win-Win” results.

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