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Value Secures Commissions

Every sales professional faces price concerns. Learn skills that position the sales professional to increase the perceived value of their product rather than lower their price.

Building the Successful Close

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of closing throughout the sales process. This program isolates the three areas that must be confirmed and sold in order to achieve successful positioning for the final close.

Converting Problems into Needs

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of matching their products and services to the customer’s needs. This program focuses on developing problems into needs that can be satisfied by closing the sale.

Metrics Selling

Most experienced sales professionals know that sales is a numbers game.  This program explores how to effectively track and evaluate sales activity.

Your First Impression May Be Your Last

There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Focus is on strategies that will communicate competence and confidence while also helping you build rapport in these first critical minutes.

Get Ready, Get Set

Preparation is one of the keys to consistent success. Focus on pre-call planning, with a strategic approach to planning the sales cycle.

Handling Common Residential Objections

Review how to strategically address the top four objections your will typically face in residential sales.

You Get What You Ask For

The close doesn’t just automatically occur at the end of the sales cycle.  This program follows the steps necessary to make the close the natural, expected outcome of every presentation.

The Power of Self-Generated Leads

Explore specific techniques that enhance a sales professional’s ability to generate referred leads.

What’s in It for Me?

This is what every prospect wants to know. Communicating benefits over features is a fundamental selling skill. This program takes the next step by examining different levels of benefits.

Understanding Homeowner Types

Not everyone thinks or reacts the same. By learning about the four different homeowner types, you can more successfully tailor your presentation to what they most want to hear.

Winning Attitudes

It’s been said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t – either way you’re right”. Grasping the importance of a positive attitude can be life-changing.

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