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Building Value

Every sales professional faces price concerns.  This program reviews skills that position the sales professional to increase the perceived value of their product rather than lower their price.

Strategic Questioning

Senior salespeople understand how to use questions. This program focuses what questions to ask and when to ask them.

The Art of Building Rapport

Building rapport is an art, but it is one that can be learned. This program explains simple to use, but often forgotten, ideas that help sales professionals build rapport.

Developing Benefits That Sell

Communicating benefits over features is a fundamental selling skill. This program takes the next step by examining different levels of benefits.

Excuse Me…Did You Say No?

When a prospect says ‘no,’ an enlightened sales professional uses these techniques to turn that ‘no’ into a selling opportunity.

Make It Happen

Successful salespeople make sales happen by creating an impending event. Explore ways of getting decisions today.

A Strategic Approach to Objections

Objections are part of most selling situations. This program presents a strategic approach to avoiding and handling as a strategic tool rather than a response to undesirable customer reactions.

Negotiate For Sales Success

Sales professionals who understand fundamental negotiating techniques are equipped for selling situations that result in success.

A Clear Perspective on Price

Every sale involves properly addressing customer concerns regarding price. This program focuses on skills for overcoming price concerns without giving away the farm.

The Power of Needs Based Selling

Selling to customer needs is true consultative selling. This program covers skills that create the foundation for needs-based selling.

Power Prospecting Through Referred Leads

Explore specific techniques that enhance a sales professional’s ability to solicit referred leads.

The Sequential Close

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of closing throughout the sales process. This program isolates the three areas that must be confirmed and sold in order to achieve successful positioning for the final close.

Developing Problems into Needs

Successful sales professionals understand the importance of selling to customer needs. This program focuses the process of developing problems into needs that can be satisfied by closing the sale.

More Time to Sell

Effectively managing time is a cornerstone to success. Working hard means working smart.

Get Ready, Get Set

Being prepared for sales opportunities is the sign of a true professional. Learn specific strategies that experienced sales professionals use to put the maximum charge in each selling opportunity.

Leveraged Selling

Developing sales leads by actively networking is a skill. Specific techniques that will pay big dividends are reviewed.

Selling to the Recommender

Sometimes, regardless of what you do, you simply cannot get beyond the recommender. This program carefully reviews skills and strategies to help you sell at this critical level.

The Closing Attitude

The close doesn’t just occur at the end of the sales cycle. This program follows the steps necessary to make the close the natural, expected outcome of every presentation.

The First Three Minutes

There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Focus is on strategies that will communicate competence, and confidence, and help you build rapport in these first critical minutes.

Communicating Through Sales Resistance

Review how to strategically discover what your prospect really thinks and feels. This program offers techniques and skills to not only handle objections but to address various forms of sales resistance.

Crash and Burn

Why does closing sometimes go bad? This program highlights the main reasons and gives tips on avoiding the pitfalls.

Telephone Techniques That Work

Why is it that some salespeople can effectively communicate on the phone while others struggle? Review several techniques to improve phone skills and deliver positive results.

I Know You Think You Heard What I Said, But Is What I Said What You Think You Heard?

All sales professionals know the importance of good listening. This program provides specific techniques that lead to effective listening.

The Key Is Preparation

Preparation is one of the keys to consistent success. Focus on pre-call planning, with a strategic approach to planning the sales cycle.

Stop Talking and Start Walking

The ability to properly qualify prospects is one of the keys to sales success. This program introduces techniques that even experienced sales professionals will find helpful.

The Relationship Contract

Gaining commitment from prospects and customers is what selling is all about. Gaining commitment is a process, not an end result. This contract becomes the basis of a profitable relationship for prospects and sales professionals alike.

Selling by the Numbers

Most experienced sales professionals know that sales is a numbers game. This program explores how to effectively track and evaluate sales activity.

When Call Reluctance Comes Knocking

Every sales professional experiences call reluctance from time to time. This reviews the different reasons for call reluctance and prescribes specific action steps that close the door to call reluctance.

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