“If you’re overwhelmed and frustrated by the struggles that stall your training and development efforts…”


…THEN IT’S TIME FOR E3 Performance Solutions! 

Increase your profits and workforce productivity with individualized coaching and leadership development.

This is vital if you don’t want to continue leaving money on the table.

It’s no secret that your employee’s are the most essential factor regarding your profit margin.

A well-coached employee:

  • Performs consistently
  • Retains current customers
  • Grows your customer base
  • Stays with you and advances
  • Recruits other talent
A poorly coached employee:

  • Loses business
  • Generates fewer referrals
  • Increases turnover
  • Increases operating costs
  • Costs you money!!!

Most business leaders who dream of a well-trained, customer-centric staff face one major obstacle …time!

You are amazing at what you do. Sometimes you may wish there were more of you so all the business tasks could be done to your level of standards and execution.

Creating standard operating procedures, employee training tools, leading trainings, and ensuring your employee’s progress…is time-consuming!

E3 Performance Solutions makes training simple, fast, and effective. We do the hard work for you.

Customized training tailored to your business needs. With a little input from you, you’ll have a full arsenal of training tools delivered to your leadership team. E3 Performance Solutions helps you create processes, train your frontline employees and develop your leadership team.

Well-trained, profit-enhancing employees are just a click away.

Our Training & Development Solutions

Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops

Leaders are made not born. We provide tactical tools in real world sessions to enhance their ability to drive results and create winning teams.

Sales and Employee Coaching

E3 Sales Coaching

Monthly micro-trainings that give leaders a tool kit to train sales & customer service skills. We utilize proven behavior modification techniques that increase sales & performance.


Business Consulting

Improve your own skillset. With 75+ years of combined expertise, we help you assess your areas of opportunity, learn new skills and execute on proven methods to increase your performance.

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